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Properties of SWG for Trellix Virtual Execution

Following are the properties of SWG with Trellix VX:

  • Antimalware.VX.Report: Contains the report received from VX that contains the results of the submitted file. This includes information on if the file is malicious, file hash, etc.
  • Antimalware.VX.Error.MessageDetails: Contains error message details in case of error.
  • Antimalware.VX.GetReport: Downloads report for a completed task based on file hash
  • Antimalware.VX.Hash: Contains md5 hash of the uploaded sample
  • Antimalware.VX.InitBackgroundScan: Scan the current file in the background
  • Antimalware.VX.IsBackgroundScan: Contains if current request internal
  • Antimalware.VX.Server: VX server used to scan the sample
  • Antimalware.VX.UUID: UUID of the uploaded sample as provided by Trellix VX

NOTE: All these properties are not SaaS compatible.

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