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Directory Configuration is deleted from the CSR Server after you connect your New ePO Server

Found Version

Skyhigh Content Security Reporter 2.x


You create a new ePO™ server and configure it using the same set of LDAP servers as your installation. But, when you connect the new server to CSR, you see that the directory configuration is deleted from the CSR server.

How to Fix

  1. Create a copy of the backup.xml file from the current CSR server and save it in a safe location.
  2. Install or upgrade to the version of ePO™ compatible with your release of CSR 2.x.

NOTE: To instructions to install or upgrade ePO™, see the Installation Guide for your target release of ePO™.

Confirm ePO™ is installed and running correctly before proceeding.

  1. Upgrade CSR to your required version of 2.x by running the CSR 2.x installation executable:
  • Logon to ePO™.
  • Select Menu > Software > Extensions, click Install Extension.
  • Navigate to the CSR 2.x extension .zip file, then click OK.
  1. Connect the new ePO™ server to the upgraded CSR server.
  • Select Menu > Configuration > Registered Servers.
  • Click New Server.
  • From the Server type menu list, select Report Server.
  • Type a name for the server, or the IP address of the computer Content Security Reporter is installed on, then click Next.
  • Enter the server port, then enter the passkey you used during installation.
  • Click Test Settings and click Save.
  • The report and database servers are displayed on the Registered Servers list.
  1. Resynchronize the directories of ePO™ and CSR:
  • Select Report Server Settings > Directories.
  • Select the ePO™ directory.
  • Click Actions > ReSync.
  1. Create a new backup.xml file:
  • Select Report Server Settings > System Backup.
  • Click Actions, then select Backup Now.
  1. Open the backup.xml in a text editor of your choice and search for CM_DirectoryResource.
  2. Locate the ePO IDs of the respective directories, for all directories.
  3. Open the backup.xml you took in Step 1, and search for CM_DirectoryResource.
  4. Replace the respective ePO IDs of the directories listed with the IDs that you recorded above.

For example: If an ePO ID is 2 in the first backup.xml you took (in Step 1) and the value is 4 in the second backup.xml you took (the backup file you took in step 7), edit the original backup.xml you took and change this value to 4.

Sample of backup.xml for CM_DirectoryResource rows:


  1. Save the changes.
  2. Restore the updated backup.xml:
  • Copy the backup.xml to the CSR server's C:\Program Files\Skyhigh\Content Security Reporter\reporter\conf\backup folder.

NOTE: If no backup folder is present, create one in the above location and place the updated backup.xml in it.

  • Restart the CSR 2.x Server.



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