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Create a Key Pair for SSH Authentication

To access Web Gateway within AWS, you must provide an SSH key pair for authentication. You can create this key pair on an AWS Web Console.

  1. On the AWS Web Console, select the region where you want to set up Web Gateway from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Navigate to the Services menu in the upper left corner and select EC2.
  3. Select Network and Security, then Key Pairs.
  4. Click Create Key Pair.
  5. Type a key pair name and enter it.
    A key pair file is generated and downloaded to the system that the AWS Web Console is connected to.

The key pair file is generated with a .pem ending.

To connect to Web Gateway instance within AWS using PuTTY, convert the .pem file into the .pkk format, which is supported by PuTTY.

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