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Import the Authentication Server (for X509 Authentication) Rule Set

To implement the Client Certificate authentication method on the appliance, there must be a rule set that handles authentication in this way. You can import the Authentication Server (for X509 Authentication) rule set for this purpose.

We recommend that you insert the rule set at the top of the rule sets tree.

  1. Select Policy | Rule Sets.
  2. On the rule sets tree, navigate to the position where you want to insert the rule set and click Add.
  3. Click Top Level Rule Set, then click Import Rule Set from Library.
    The Add from Rule Set Library window opens.
  4. Select the Authentication Server (for X509 Authentication) rule set and click OK.

    If conflicts arise from the import, they are displayed next to the list of rule sets. Follow one of the suggested procedures for solving them before clicking OK.

    The rule set is inserted with its nested rule sets in the rule sets tree.
  5. Review the rule set criteria and modify them if necessary.
    After the import, the criteria is:

    URL.Port equals 444 or Proxy.Port equals 444.

    This ensures that the rule set is applied to all requests coming in on that port. If you want to use a different port, specify its port number here.
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