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About Transferring data for Trellix ePO monitoring

Transferring data from an appliance to the Trellix ePO console allows you to monitor the appliance from the console.

The Trellix ePO console is a device for performing security management on different Skyhigh Security products, including the Skyhigh Security Web Gateway appliance.

If you configure the Trellix ePO console and an appliance accordingly, you can log on to the appliance from the console and have monitoring data transferred from the appliance to the server that the console is running on. This server is also referred to as the Trellix ePO server.

The Trellix ePO server sends SSL-secured requests to retrieve the monitoring data that has been collected on the appliance in regular intervals. Then you need to allow the CONNECT request that the SSL-secured communication begins with to bypass the normal processing of web security rules, so it does not get blocked on the appliance.

For example, if you have authentication rules implemented, this would lead to blocking because the server does not support the authentication method used by these rules.

You can import an appropriate rule set from the library to enable the bypassing or create a rule set of your own.

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