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About the Model E Appliances

This generation of appliance hardware models for Secure Web Gateway includes the following appliances:

  • WBG-4500-E
  • WBG-5000-E and WBG-5500-E
  • WBG-5000-E2 and WBG-5500-E2

The following is different when working with these models compared to others that are used for Secure Web Gateway:

  • Port assignments
  • Disk replacement
  • Software updates

For product specifications, see Secure Web Gateway Model E Appliances Data Sheet.

NOTE: If you have purchased your model E appliance after January 2023, you can only run the following versions of the Secure Web Gateway appliance software on it:

  • 10.2.17 and higher
  • 11.2.6 and higher
  • 12.0 and higher

Transceivers for Network Communication

In each of the model E appliances, except for WBG-4500-E, you can install an additional network interface card (NIC).

For use with this card, an Axiom short-range (SR) or long-range (LR) transceiver is supported. They differ in wavelength and the required cabling as follows.

  • Axiom AXG31444-MF short-range (SR) transceiver, multi-mode fiber cabling, duplex LC connector, 850 nm wavelength

  • Axiom AXG38153-MF long-range (LR) transceiver, single-mode fiber cabling, duplex LC connector, 1310 nm wavelength

Video Devices on WBG-4500-E

The WBG-4500-E appliance is shipped with two Display Ports (DPs), which are covered by lids. They cannot be used when running the Secure Web Gateway appliance software on this hardware platform.

The WBG-4500-E appliance also has a VGA interface, which is accessible. You can connect a VGA monitor with keyboard and mouse here to access the appliance in command-line interface (CLI) mode.

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