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Skyhigh Security

Configure Next-hop Proxy Stickiness

To configure next-hop proxy stickiness, select this mode in the Next Hop Proxy settings and add a stickiness rule to a rule set for handling next-hop proxies.

  1. Select the stickiness mode for next-hop proxies.
    1. Select Policy | Settings.
    2. On the Engines branch of the settings tree, expand Next Hop Proxy and select the settings that you want to configure next-hop proxy stickiness for.
    3. Under Next Hop Proxy Server select Sticky.
    4. Under Minimum time for stickiness, modify the time period during which the stickiness mode is applied as needed.
  2. Add a rule for next-hop proxy stickiness.
    1. Select Policy | Rule Sets.
    2. Open a rule set for next-hop proxy handling, for example, the Next Hop Proxy library rule set.
    3. Add a rule that sets the NextHopProxy.Stickiness.Attribute property to the value for identifying the requests that are directed to the same proxy.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Requests that contain the part specified in the additional rule are now directed to the same next-hop proxy during the configured time period.

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