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About PDStorage

This rule set uses the PDStorage feature of Secure Web Gateway (On-Prem) to remember if a user has been redirected or not. PDStorage is a way to keep information about a user across different transactions. If a user has been redirected, a key in PDStorage will be placed to remember this.

The PDStorage key is valid for a configurable amount of time (8 hours by default for this rule set). If a user has not been seen for this period of time (for example over night), Secure Web Gateway (On-Prem) will forget about this stored information. The next request of this user will be redirected again.

User PDStorage

PDStorage is available in a global and user context. A PDStorage value set in the global context is shared across all users. A PDStorage value set in the user context is only available for requests made by this specific user.

A user is identified by the information available to Secure Web Gateway (On-Prem). If authentication is used and a username is present, PDStorage values are bound to the username. If no username is present, the information is related to the client's IP address. Remember this information, since it becomes important when you place PDStorage rule sets into your existing policy. You may want to ensure that authentication is performed before PDStorage is used.

Redirect to External URL

This example rule set makes use of the Redirect action of Secure Web Gateway (On-Prem). When the Redirect action is called, Secure Web Gateway (On-Prem) returns an HTTP status code 302 to the client, along with a new URL in the Location header.



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