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Skyhigh Security

Post-Processing Tab (New, Edit, and Duplicate Log Source Page)

Configure how Content Security Reporter handles log file data after processing is complete.

Option Definition
Post-processing log files These post-processing options are available to configure a log source:
  • Delete processed log files — Removes processed log files from the server.

  • Move processed log files to this directory — Moves processed log files to the specified directory.

    • Browse — Navigates to the directory location.

    • Directory — Defines the directory location.

  • FTP-processed log files to this server — Moves processed log files to the FTP server location.

    • File protocol — Specifies the protocol as FTP, FTPS, or SFTP.

    • Server — Specifies the host name or IP address of the server.

    • Logon name — Specifies the name used to log on the FTP server.

    • Password — Specifies the password used to log on to the FTP server.

    • Port — Specifies the port number the FTP server uses to communicate. The default port number for FTP and FTPS is 21. The default port number for SFTP is 22.

    • Directory — Specifies the file path to store the log files on the FTP server.

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