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Install Secure Web Gateway on a Hosted Virtual Machine

Use the Windows 2016 server in its Hyper-V role to set up a virtual machine for installing and running Web Gateway.

The virtual machine is hosted by the server, which runs itself as a virtual machine on Azure.

  1. Download an ISO image of the Web Gateway appliance software from the Content & Cloud Security Portal and store it in a location of your choice.
  2. Set up a virtual machine on the Windows 2016 server using Hyper-V.
    1. On the Windows 2016 Server interface, open the Hyper-V Manager
    2. Select entry for the server that is displayed, then click New and Virtual Machine.
    3. Configure settings for the new virtual machine:
      • Name and location
      • Generation: Generation 1
      • Memory: Minimum is 4096 MB. Configure more as needed.

        NOTE: Use of dynamic memory for a virtual machine is not supported by Web Gateway.
      • Network: The NAT network that you created
      • Virtual hard disk: Minimum is 40 GB.
    4. Select this installation method: Install an operating system from a bootable CD/DVD-ROM, and under this method, select Image file (.iso).
    5. Browse to the location where you stored the ISO image of the Web Gateway appliance software, select it, and click Next.
      The appliance software is now available for installation on the virtual machine.
  3. Install the appliance software on the virtual machine.
    1. Right-click the virtual machine entry and select Connect, then click Start.
      When the start phase is over, an installation menu appears.
    2. Select the video console (with configuration wizard) installation method.
    3. Use the configuration wizard to configure initial settings:
      • Auto-configure with DHCP: No
      • IP address for eth0: An IP address of the NAT network that you created, for example,
      • Netmask: Netmask of the NAT network, for example, 24
      • Gateway address: IP address of the NAT gateway
      • Primary DNS: IP address of the Azure domain name server, for example,
  4. Set a root password, then select Default scheme with full Web Cache as the volume scheme.

This completes the installation.

You have now installed a virtual machine with Web Gateway on it. which is hosted by a Windows 2016 Server. Continue with enabling access to Web Gateway on the hosted virtual machine

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