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Install Secure Web Gateway as a Virtual Appliance on KVM

To install Secure Web Gateway as a virtual appliance on a KVM host, you complete an installation procedure where you run suitable commands from the command line interface (CLI) of a system console.

In this procedure, you create a virtual machine (VM) on the host to serve as a platform for the Secure Web Gateway appliance software. 

  1. Install packages for creating a virtual machine on the host, using the following command:

    sudo apt install libvirt-clients libvirt-daemon-system virtinst
  2. Download an image of the Secure Web Gateway appliance software from the Content & Cloud Security portal at

    In the following commands, the image file is referenced. For example, if you have downloaded an image of version 11.2, build 40106, the image file is referenced as swg-11.2.0-40106.img.

  3. Expand the disk on the host to your planned size, for example, 200 GB.

     dd if=/dev/zero bs=1G count=200 status=progress >> swg-11.2.0-40108.img
  4. Configure settings for the virtual machine (VM), including a name for it, and generate an XML file with provisioning parameters.

    virt-install --name=swg-test --vcpus=4 --memory=4096 --disk=swg-11.2.0-40108.img --osinfo centos7.0 --print-xml 1 > swg-test-definition.xml

  5. Provision the virtual machine using the XML file.

    virsh define swg-test-definition.xml

  6. Start the virtual machine. In the command used to start it, reference the virtual machine by the name configured in step 4. 

    virsh start swg-test

  7. If you want to uninstall the virtual machine, undefine it first, then remove it.

    virsh undefine swg-test

    virsh destroy swg-test

After completing the installation, you can connect to Secure Web Gateway and work with its features.

You can also repeat this procedure to create more than one virtual machine and run an instance of Secure Web Gateway on each of them.

For more information, see About Installing Secure Web Gateway on KVM.

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