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Skyhigh Security

Configure More Initial Settings

Configure initial settings for the time zone, network interfaces, and DNS servers.

  1. In the Time zone section of the wizard, select a time zone for the Secure Web Gateway appliance or leave the default zone (UTC).
  2. On the Network interfaces tab of the Network settings section, configure the following:
    • In the Host name / Fully qualified domain name field, type a host name for the appliance.
    • In the Default gateway (IPv4) or Default gateway (IPv6) fields, type an IP address in IPv4 or IPv6 format.
      To configure the default gateway address dynamically, select Obtain automatically (DHCP) under IP settings.

IMPORTANT: Do not configure more than one DHCP interface because proper operation is not ensured. If you set up Secure Web Gateway in an AWS environment, we recommend configuring the first (default) network interface using DHCP. This reduces the risk of losing access to the respective AWS instance.

  1. On the Domain name servers tab of the Network settings section, type IP addresses for up to three DNS servers.
  2. [Optional] In the Password section, change the preconfigured administrator password.
  3. Click Close wizard.
    The wizard closes and the user interface becomes accessible. A message asks if you want to save the configuration.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • If you also want to configure settings for data collection, configure them and click Save Changes when you are done. For more information, refer to the Data Usage Statement.
    • Click Save Changes now.
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