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Skyhigh Security

Configure the Directory

Use the default internal directory, or connect Content Security Reporter to the external directory on your network.

NOTE: CSR does not support Chase referrals and Global Catalogs.

Populate the internal directory

Import the UTF‑8 encoded text file that CSR uses to populate the internal directory. 

  1. Create the UTF-8 encoded text file.
    1. Open a new text file, then enter the user and group information. The user and group names must not contain spaces.
      group ENG
      user bcarlisle
      user jlock
      group SALES
      user jshepherd
      user jfourd
    2. Save the file on your computer.
  2. Import the text file.
    1. Select Menu > Configuration > Report Server Settings > Directory.
    2. From the Directory Name list, select the internal directory.
    3. Click Actions, then select Edit.
    4. On the General tab, click Choose File, select the text file, then click Open.
    5. Click Import.
      To make changes to the internal directory, open the text file, make your changes, then import the changed text file to CSR.
  3. Schedule when the internal directory retrieves user and group information.
    1. Click the Schedule tab.
    2. Configure the options.
    3. Click OK.

Manually sync an external directory

The Trellix ePO directory automatically syncs with CSR. If necessary, you can resync the external directory manually.

See the Trellix ePO documentation to configure the external directory.

  1. Select Report Server Settings > Directories.
  2. Select the Trellix ePO directory.
  3. Click Actions, then select ReSync.
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