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Create a Feedback File

You can create a feedback file that backtraces processes after the failure of a function. You can perform this task on the user interface for Secure Web Gateway or using the command line interface (CLI).

You can also send this feedback file to our support, as additional information when filing a ticket to request help with an issue.

Create a feedback file on the user interface

To create a feedback file using the options that are provided on the user interface for Secure Web Gateway:

  1. Select the Troubleshooting top-level menu.

  2. On the appliances tree, select the appliance you want to backtrace processes on and click Feedback.

  3. Select or deselect Pause running Secure Web Gateway to create a backtrace as needed.

NOTE: We recommend that you select the checkbox.

  1. Click Create Feedback File.

    A feedback file is created and appears with its name, size, and date in the list under Feedback file.

    Using the items on the toolbar, you can perform several file-related activities, such as view or download the file.

Use the command line interface (CLI) to create a feedback file

To create a feedback file from the command line interface (CLI):

  1. Log on to Secure Web Gateway as root user with a privileged account from a system console using SSH.

  2. Run the following command to change directories:

    cd /opt/mwg/bin

    In the bin directory, you will find the script.

  3. Execute the script with this command:


  4. When asked for a level, choose level 2.

    The level determines how much data the script collects. The script starts collecting the data and displays what it is doing at any given point in the process.
    It can take the script from a few minutes to up to 15 minutes or more to create the feedback file. If the script does not finish or appears to fail, cancel its execution by pressing CTRL+C. Then run the script again using the parameter -nc, as follows:

    ./ -nc

    The parameter enables the script to skip some details in the feedback. Inform our support that the script did not finish and that you used the -nc parameter.

After the script has finished, you will find the feedback file in /opt/mwg/log/debug/feedbacks.

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