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Skyhigh Security

Configure an HTTP Proxy

Configure an HTTP proxy on Web Gateway for web traffic going on under this protocol.

  1. Select Configuration | Appliances.
  2. On the appliances tree, select the appliance where you want to configure an HTTP proxy. Then click Proxies.
  3. Under HTTP Proxy, make sure Enable HTTP proxy is selected.
  4. Add entries for listener ports to the HTTP port definition list as needed.
    After the initial setup, one entry is already inserted in this list by default. It has as its listener address and 443 as SSL port.
    1. Click the Add icon.
      The Add HTTP Proxy Port window opens.
    2. Use the options in this window to create and add list entries.
      Each entry specifies a listener address, as well as several other port parameters.
  5. Configure the remaining settings as needed, for example, to adjust the Content type header when requests come in under HTTP that are directed to archives.
  6. Click Save Changes.

An HTTP proxy is now running on Web Gateway with the settings that you configured.

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