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Restore a Server Connection

If you have lost connection to the Windows 2016 Server that is running as a virtual machine for hosting Web Gateway, you can restore the connection.

The connection is lost when you set up a virtual switch as a NAT gateway for connecting Web Gateway to the Internet, but erroneously specify the index number of an external interface instead of an internal one.

To restore the connection, you must attach a new interface to the virtual machine and associate it with a public IP address.

  1. Log on to the Azure Portal.
  2. Under All resources, open the properties window for your virtual machine and click Stop to shut it down.
  3. Attach a new network interface to the virtual machine.
    1. Under Network, select the network interface that is currently attached to the virtual machine and click Detach network interface.
    2. Click Attach network interface and Create network interface, then enter a name for the new interface and click Create.
      A new network interface is created and you are redirected to Attach network interface.
    3. Select the newly created interface and click OK.
  4. Associate a public IP address with the virtual machine.
    1. From the resources list under All resources, select the entry for the public IP address.
      The entry is described as Public IP address in the Type column of this list.
    2. In the window that opens, click Dissociate to disconnect the public IP address from its current resource.
      Click Yes to confirm.
    3. Click Associate, then click Network interface.
    4. Select the network interface that you attached to the virtual machine and click OK.
  5. Under All resources, open the properties window for your virtual machine and click Start to restart it.

    When the restart is complete, the public IP address is associated to the virtual machine. You can look up this address in the properties window of the virtual machine.

The connection between the network interface and the Windows 2016 Server that runs as a virtual machine to host Web Gateway is now restored. You can log on to the virtual machine using RDP.


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