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About Global Allowlisting

Global allowlisting ensures that all further filtering is skipped for the web objects that are allowlisted, so access to them cannot be blocked.

The global allowlisting process includes several elements, which contribute to it in different ways.

  • Filtering rules control the process.
  • Allowlists are used by rules to let some web objects skip further filtering.

A default process for global allowlisting is implemented on Web Gateway after the initial setup. You can modify this process to adapt it to the requirements of your web security policy.

Filtering rules

The rules that control global allowisting are usually contained in one rule set.

Allowlisting rules are placed and processed in this rule set. If any of them applies, the following rule sets are skipped and no further filtering is performed for the allowlisted objects.

You can review these rules, modify or delete them, and also create your own rules.

When the default rule set system is implemented, a rule set for global allowlisting is included. Its name is Global Allowlist.


Allowlists are used by allowlisting rules to let particular web objects skip further filtering. There can be allowlists for URLs, media types, and other types of objects.

You can add entries to these lists or remove entries. You can also create your own lists and let them be used by the allowlisting rules.

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