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Skyhigh Security

Policy Configuration

A security policy for web access from inside your network is implemented on Secure Web Gateway.

To implement this policy web security rules are configured that are grouped in rule sets. The rules use lists and settings for the filter modules on Secure Web Gateway that are known as engines, for example, the Anti Malware engine or the URL filter engine.

Data about the configured rules, lists, and settings of the policy is collected and sent to the Skyhigh Security servers.

NOTE: Policy configuration data is collected beginning with version 7.5.1 of Secure Web Gateway.

Disable collection of policy configuration data

You can disable the collection of policy configuration data by configuring the feedback settings on the user interface of Secure Web Gateway.

  1. Select Configuration > Appliances, then select the appliance you want to disable the collection of policy configuration data for.
  2. Click Telemetry.
  3. Deselect Send feedback to Skyhigh Security about policy information in order to improve the product.
  4. Click Save Changes.
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