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Querying the Database

Content Security Reporter allows you to create and run queries and reports that provide Internet and email usage, and IPS alert data in the form of charts and tables. The data for these queries and reports is pulled from log data, and is stored in the registered internal or external database.

Use any of the default queries and reports, or duplicate and modify existing queries and reports to create your own for a customized view of your organization's data.


To collect your organization data, run queries individually, or combine them within dashboards and reports to view a broader range of data.

Content Security Reporter includes default queries that you can run as is, or create a customized query for your specific reporting needs.

Query Builder

Content Security Reporter provides a four-step wizard to create queries or to duplicate and customize default queries. Use the wizard to configure which data is retrieved and how it is displayed.

Custom query result types

Query result types identify where the data is retrieved from and what type of data is retrieved.

Each query result type provides its own set of data options (also called columns) to select from. The query type determines the amount of detail available for generating reports. The following query result types are available to you:

  • Detailed Email Delivery — Data based on the delivery status of sent emails
  • Detailed Email Detection — Information regarding viruses detected in sent and received emails
  • Email Summary — High-level email usage information
  • Detailed Alert Data — Detailed information about alerts generated from IPS devices
  • Detailed Advanced Threat Defense Data — Detailed information about files scanned by Advanced Threat Defense
  • Detailed Web Access — Represents web traffic details such as full request URLs and exact date and time of each request
  • Web Summary — Generation of hourly data for reports such as hits per user, categories per week, bytes per log source, and more
  • Detailed Authentication Data — Detailed information about Skyhigh Security® One Time Password (Skyhigh Security OTP) authentication events

TIP: It is quicker to generate reports and queries that are based on summary data than detailed data.

Custom query charts

Content Security Reporter provides a number of layout options to display the data it retrieves. Choose from various layout options to best display your data.

Custom query columns

Query columns determine the type of data to retrieve from the database and the order in which the data is displayed.

Custom query-level filters

Specify criteria by selecting properties and operators to limit the data retrieved by the query.

Query-level filters filter data only for the query in which they are applied.

For example, you already have a query that shows the top sites visited within your organization. To show only the top sites visited by user jsmith, you would select the Username column and type jsmith in the Value column property field. The results of the query will generate the top corresponding sites to the user jsmith.

TIP: Use column properties to filter data only when report-level filters cannot be used.

When you want more filtering capabilities and control over data in all queries — such as hourly, weekly, or monthly versions of the same queries — use report-level filters.

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