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Skyhigh Security

Secure Web Gateway REST Interface

An interface is provided for Secure Web Gateway that allows you to administer an appliance without being logged on to the standard user interface. This alternative interface is known as the REST (Representational State Transfer) interface.

Using the REST interface, you can perform various kinds of activities on a particular appliance or on others that are connected to it.

  • Actions — Turn off an appliance, restart it, flush the cache, create a configuration backup, and perform several other activities
  • File handling — Access system, log, and troubleshooting files to perform activities such as downloading, modifying, or deleting
  • Policy configuration — Configure settings for engines and rule actions, manage rule sets and lists by performing activities such as enabling, adding, deleting, exporting, or importing
  • Updates — Perform manual engine updates and trigger automatic yum and engine updates

Running a suitable script is the usual way to perform these activities.


Appendix F - REST Interface is provided as a PDF.

It includes the following main sections:

  • Prepare use of the REST interface
  • Working with the REST interface
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