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Skyhigh Security

Administrator account settings

The administrator account settings are used for configuring credentials and roles for administrators.

Administrator account settings

Option Definition
User name Specifies the user name of an administrator.
Password Sets an administrator password.
Password repeated Let's you repeat the password and confirm it.

In the Edit Administrator window, you need to select Set a new password before the two password fields become available.
Role Provides a list for selecting an administrator role.
You can use the Add and Edit options to add and edit roles.
The added and edited roles appear in the list of administrator roles.
Name Specifies the real name of the person that an account is set up for.
Configuration of this name is optional.


Test with current settings

Option Definition
User Specifies a user name that is tested.
Password Specifies the tested password.
Test Executes the test.

The Authentication Test Results window opens to display the outcome of the test.


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