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Migrating Web Protection Suite and Web Gateway Cloud Service to Web Protection Suite 2 and Skyhigh SWG

As notified through Support Notification Service on December 22, 2021, End of Life (EOL) has been announced for WPS and WGCS.

The EOL process includes the following:

  • Migrating entitlements of impacted customers from WPS to WPS2.
  • Migrating customer entitlements on WGCS to MVW. You should've received three emails documenting this process. An initial email, two weeks before migration. When the migration action was started, you receive a second email, and a final email when the migration is complete.  
  • As of the republish date of this article (6 October 2022), all accounts have been migrated (entitlements, portal admin users, and passwords).  
  • You must add policies, and apply verification and configuration steps, before 31 December 2022, as listed in the Migrate WGCS to SWG Guide.
  • If you have WPS or WGCS entitlement and haven't received an email notification indicating that your Account has been migrated, contact Skyhigh Technical Support
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