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Skyhigh Security

Zulu Process Running at High CPU utilization

Found Version

Skyhigh Content Security Reporter 2.x.


When you update CSR to 2.6 or later you will see the Zulu Platform x64 Architectures process consume up to 100% CPU. The time period of High CPU use overlaps with your Directory update schedule.

This fact impacts the Active Directory synchronization feature. 


We are investigating this issue and if you experience the issue , raise a new case with Skyhigh support and include this reference on the description field.

As workaround and to avoid High CPU utilization caused by AD synchronization, perform it on weekends only.

To edit the schedule:

  1. Navigate to ePO > Report Server Settings > Directories.
  2. Select the needed Directory. Click Edit. 
  3. Click the Schedule tab. Configure the schedule as Weekly.
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