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Skyhigh Security

Configure Data Loss Prevention

You can configure data loss prevention to keep sensitive content from leaving your network. You can also use it to keep inappropriate content from entering.

Complete the following high-level steps.

  1. Import the Data Loss Prevention rule set from the library.
  2. Review its rules and modify them as needed.
    You can, for example:
    • Configure settings for data loss prevention using default classifications.
    • Configure settings for data loss prevention using dictionary entries.
    • Modify other settings parameters.
    • Create rules of your own.
      You can also create your own rule set for data loss prevention instead of using the library rule set.
  3. Make sure the Composite Opener is enabled, so the body text sent with requests and responses can be inspected.
    In the default rule set system, this rule is contained in the Enable Opener rule set, which is nested in the Common Rules rule set.
  4. If you want to run data loss prevention with ICAP, you can import another rule set from the library and modify its rules as needed.
  5. Save your changes.
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