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Import Secure Communication Items on an Appliance

When configuring a Secure Web Gateway appliance to include it as a node in a cluster, you begin with importing items for secure communication that you have generated on another appliance.

For more information about generating these items, see Generate Secure Communication Items on an Appliance.

To import these items, proceed as follows.

  1. On the user interface of the appliance you want to include in the cluster, select Configuration > Appliances.

  2. At the top of the configuration area, click Cluster CA.

  3. In the Cluster CA window that opens, click Change CA.

  4. Use the options in the Import Certificate Authority for Cluster window that opens to import the items that are needed for secure communication in a cluster.
    • Browse to the location where you stored the CA certificate, then browse to the location where you stored the Private Key for this certificate.

      You stored these items in these locations after generating them on the appliance you worked on at the beginning of your cluster configuration activities. 

      For more information about storing these items, see again Generate Secure Communication Items on an Appliance.

    • Enter a password for the Private Key.

    • Click Import.

      The CA certificate and Private Key are imported.

      A certificate has been generated for this appliance and signed by the cluster CA. Another Private Key has been generated for use in secure communication between the appliances that run as nodes in this cluster.

      The certificate for the appliance and the Private Key for use in secure communication with other appliances that run as cluster nodes are stored on the appliance.

  5. Click Save Changes.

You can now go on with completing the steps for including this appliance as a node in a cluster. To complete these steps, you can continue to work on the user interface of this appliance. For more information, see Join an Appliance as a Node to a Cluster.

You can also include this appliance while working from the user interface of another appliance that is a node in the cluster. For more information, see Add an Appliance as a Node to a Cluster.

For an overview of the workflow for configuring a cluster where Secure Web Gateway appliances run as nodes, see Workflow for Configuring a Cluster — Overview.





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