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Skyhigh Security

Secure Web Gateway Hardware Support


To assist you when opening hardware support cases with Skyhigh Security, this Hardware Support Customer Reference outlines the required information and customer responsibilities for part replacement troubleshooting.

Raising a Hardware Service Request

When raising a hardware Service Request (SR), please submit the following mandatory information to Skyhigh Security Support: 

PRODUCT DETAILS (only one active hardware appliance / S/N per case)

  • Product and model (e. g., WBG 5500-E)
  • Product serial number


  • Please provide a description with symptoms of the issue.


  • GetLogs, SEL, or Linux Diagnostic Tool 

For additional information on how to obtain and use the system diagnostics, please click here.


  • Please let us know about any troubleshooting steps you have already performed.


Primary Customer

  • Primary customer full name 
  • Primary customer phone number 
  • Primary customer email address  

Secondary Contact

  • Secondary contact full name  
  • Secondary contact phone number 
  • Secondary contact email address 

These persons should be technical resources and ideally have physical access to the hardware to perform additional troubleshooting if required.

Preferred way and time for communication attempts:

  • Phone only, Mail only or both
  • Times of availability, including timezone information

Customer Responsibilities

To receive services under Skyhigh Security Hardware Technical Support and Warranty coverage, please be aware that you are responsible for the following:

  • Use of diagnostic tools to assess the hardware issue. Skyhigh Security in-house and appointed technicians may require you to use diagnostic tools specific to your appliance model to troubleshoot the issue and validate the need for replacement. Use of these diagnostic applications is required before a part and/or technician can be dispatched. Their use may also be required during a technician’s visit.

  • For additional information on how to obtain and use the system diagnostics, please click here.

  • Unless you have purchased Same Day On-Site support, you are responsible for the replacement of all customers replaceable units (CRUs).

  • A monitor, keyboard, and mouse must be available for connections to the appliance during telephone troubleshooting and on-site repair.

  • A backup of all appliance configuration data (as described in the product documentation) must be available.

  • We recommend that you have product identification information ready at the time of any contact with Skyhigh Security Support. This includes the serial number for the appliance and your entitlement or grant number.

  • All software re-imaging, upgrading and patching is in your responsibility.

  • When preparing access to secure environment(s) including dark data centers and remote sites, please ensure access is enabled in advance to all environments required, so troubleshooting can proceed restriction-free.


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