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Backup the Current Configuration

You must back up the system settings so you can restore them after upgrading the software.

Select Menu > Configuration > Reporter Server Settings > System Backup.
  1. From the Setting Categories menu, select System Backup.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Backup Now.
  3. When the System Backup message appears, click OK.The backup process can take several minutes. A backup123456789 folder is created where 123456789 is the time stamp. By default, this folder is created in C:\Program Files\Skyhigh\Content Security Reporter\reporter\conf\. A backup.xml file is saved in the backup folder. To create a backup file, wait until the file is created, then continue working without restoring it.

    Save the csr.keystore file from C:\Program Files\Skyhigh\Content Security Reporter\reporter\ jboss\standalone\configuration folder to another computer.

    NOTE: Save the csr.keystore file to a different computer than the one you are using to upgrade Content Security Reporter.

    Content Security Reporter includes the following settings in the backup file.

    Settings Description
    Database connection settings Saves the configuration settings that allow Content Security Reporter to communicate with the database.
    Database maintenance settings Saves scheduled database maintenance job settings and status messages.
    General settings Saves log source configuration and browse time settings.
    Performance settings Saves database and system performance settings.
    System status message Saves log parsing job history and database maintenance settings.

    If you plan to use the backup file after you uninstall and reinstall Content Security Reporter, save the backup file to a location other than the Content Security Reporter installation directory.

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