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Replace a Power Supply Unit on a Model F Appliance

The model F appliances are equipped with two power supply units for redundant operation. You can replace one unit here while the other is still running. But you can also replace both units at once.

  1. Power down the appliance as needed.

    If you are only replacing one power supply unit, there is no need to power down the appliance. It is required, however, if you are replacing both units. Proceed as follows then:

    • Use the operating system to shut down the appliance system.

    • After the appliance system has completely shut down, unplug the AC power cords of both units from the power strip or outlet.

    • Unplug the AC power cords from both units.

  2. To replace only one power supply unit, complete the following substeps. If you want to replace both units, complete them for the first unit, then repeat them for the second.

    • Unplug the AC power cord from the power supply unit you want to replace.

      If you are replacing both units, you have already unplugged the AC power cords when powering down the appliance.

    • Push the release tab on the power supply unit to the right, as shown below.


    • Using its handle, pull the power supply unit out of the chassis.

    • Push the new power supply unit slowly into the power bay until it clicks.

    • Plug the AC power cord back into the power supply unit, then plug it back into the power strip or outlet.

You can now continue to work with your appliance.

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