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Skyhigh Security

License Replacement

When something changes about the order that you issued to purchase one or more Web Gateway appliances from Skyhigh Security, your old license is replaced with a new one.

Your order will, for example, change when you purchase more appliances for your Web Gateway appliance cluster. Your old license is then disabled and a new license created. To implement it, you must log on to the user interface, activate Web Gateway, and import the new license.

Skyhigh Security sends the new license with the license key to the contact that is associated with your customer account.

This means that some delay can occur before a new license is actually available for implementing it on an appliance.

While an old license is disabled and no new license implemented yet, you can continue with operating Web Gateway. Updates, however, of the information that the web filters on an appliance retrieve from the update servers cannot be performed during this time.

Monitoring a disabled license

When your current license is disabled, the monitoring functions on Web Gateway record it as follows.

  • Log entry — An entry is written into the update log stating that your license is disabled.
  • Incidents — An incident is created to record that your license is enabled. Another incident records that no updates can currently be retrieved for the web filters.
  • Alert — A red alert appears on the dashboard of the user interface.

The alert message includes the ID of the appliance that the disabled license was issued for. When an appliance is running as a node in a cluster of Web Gateway appliances, the node number is also provided.

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