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Skyhigh Security

Set up an Administrator Account for Common Catalog Lists

To enable the use of Common Catalog lists, you must set up an administrator account on Web Gateway with the same user name and password as for the Trellix ePO user account.

  1. Select Accounts | Administrator Accounts.
  2. Under Internal Administrator Accounts, click Add.
    The Add Administrator window opens.
  3. Set up an administrator account for using Common Catalog lists.
    1. In the User name field, type epo.
    2. In the Password and Password repeated fields, type the password you configured when setting up the user account for the ePO user.
    3. From the Role list, select the ePO Common Catalog Administrator role.
    4. Click Edit to review the current role settings.
      The Edit Role window opens. Enable the following settings if necessary:
      • Policy — Lists accessible
      • Policy — Lists creation
      • REST Interface accessible
    5. Click OK.

The window closes and the new administrator account appears under Internal Administrator Accounts.

Together with the user account for the Trellix ePO user, this administrator account serves as the instance on Web Gateway that must exist for handling the transfer of lists from a Trellix ePO server.

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