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Skyhigh Security

Statistics Tab (Log Sources)

Displays cumulative log statistics for all the logs processed since the record was last refreshed or reset.

Option Definition
Cumulative statistics Displays these log statistics:
  • Log records processed — Displays the number of log records processed and includes errors and ignored records for the corresponding group.

  • Bytes processed — Displays the number of bytes processed for the corresponding statistics group.

  • Byte/log record ratio — Displays the average number of bytes per log record processed.

  • Log parsing rate — Displays the number of records per second and the number of bytes per second currently being processed.

  • Estimated time to process all log records — Displays the total length of time to complete all log processing jobs to date.

  • Elapsed time — Displays the length of time that processing has been running since the last server restart or last manual reset.

  •  Waiting jobs — Displays the number of log jobs waiting to be processed.

Quick Find Search for a specific syslog client to filter.
Refresh Retrieves the latest statistics from the report server.
Reset Sets the statistics back to zero.

  • Cumulative statistics cannot reset while a log processing job is running.

  • Syslog client statistics can be reset at any time.

Show clients Filter which syslog client statistics to display based on status.
Syslog client statistics Displays these syslog client statistics:
  • Messages processed

  • Messages cached
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