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Skyhigh Security

Closed Networks

Secure Web Gateway appliances can be operated and updated in networks that have no internet connectivity for security or other reasons. These networks are known as "closed" or "isolated" networks, and sometimes also as "dark" networks.

When appliances that run in these networks need to be updated, they cannot connect to the usual Skyhigh Security update servers. An offline update procedure must be performed instead.

You can select and download an update package from a Skyhigh Security portal that is provided for this purpose, store it on portable media and use this media to apply the update package to one or more appliances in a closed network.

Update packages contain updated information for modules (engines) and malware patterns used in the filtering process on an appliance. Only full updates (as opposed to incremental updates) are made available on the portal.

After entering the portal, you need to submit the version number of Secure Web Gateway on the appliance you want to update, and are provided with a list of features that updated information is currently available for.

According to your selection, an update package including all files required for the update is created in zipped format for downloading.

Update an appliance in a closed network

To update an appliance in a network with no internet connectivity, download an update package, store it on portable media, and use the media to perform the update.

  1. Download an update package.
    1. Use a browser to go to the update page of the Skyhigh Security Content & Cloud Security at
    2. On the update page, enter the version number for an appliance you want to update.
      A list of features that updated information is available for appears.
    3. Select the features you want to update.
      An update package is created according to your selection.
    4. Download the update package to your system.
  2. Use portable media, for example, a USB drive, to transfer the update package from the system you used for the download to your administration system in the closed network.
  3. For each appliance in the closed network that you want to update, perform the following steps:
    1. Select Configuration | Appliances.
    2. Click Update Engines, then select Upload Update File.
      The Engine Update by File Upload window opens.
    3. Click Browse, go to the location on the administration system where you stored the update package, and select the update package file.
    4. Click Update.
      The appliance is updated using the information from the update package.
    5. Click Close to close the window.
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