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Skyhigh Security

Redirect HTTPS Traffic in Transparent Router Mode

In transparent router mode, you can use a port redirect rule (also known as port forwarding rule) to direct HTTPS traffic to the proxy port on an appliance.

You also need to ensure that the redirected requests are treated as SSL-secured communication.

  1. Select Configuration | Appliances.
  2. On the appliances tree, select the appliance you want to redirect traffic to and click Proxies.
  3. In the Network Setup section, select Transparent router).
    The section with the specific router settings appears.
  4. Under Port redirects, click Add.
    The Add Port Redirects window opens.
  5. Configure the following settings for a new port redirect rule:
    • Protocol name — HTTP
      NOTE: This setting covers connections under both the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
    • Original destination ports — 443
      If the web servers that are the destinations for requests can be reached under the HTTP protocol as well, you can add port 80 here (separated by a comma). This type of traffic is then also directed to the appliance.
    • Destination proxy port — 9090
      This is the default proxy port on an appliance.
  6. Click OK.
    The window closes and the new rule appears on the list.
  7. Under HTTP proxy port, make sure Enable HTTP proxy is selected and click Add.
    The Add HTTP Proxy Port window opens.
  8. Make sure the following is configured:
    • Serve transparent SSL connections — Selected
    • Ports treated as SSL — 443
  9. Leave the other settings at their default values and click OK.
    The window closes and the new HTTP proxy port appears on the list.
  10. Click Save Changes.
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