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Reimage a Secure Web Gateway appliance

To reimage a Web Gateway appliance, use the appliance software on the CD/DVD or USB drive that is shipped with it.

Instead of using the appliance software on the shipped media for reimaging, you can download the software for re-imaging from the Skyhigh Security Content & Cloud Security Portal and copy it to a USB drive for re-imaging.

The USB drive must be bootable if to be used for re-imaging. You can create a bootable USB drive with a suitable program, for example, Microsoft Win32diskimager.

Re-imaging an appliance overwrites all data that has previously been stored on it.

  1. Back up your appliance configuration on the user interface of Web Gateway, using the functions provided under Troubleshooting | Backup/Restore.
  2. Connect a monitor and keyboard to the appliance.
  3. Insert the CD/DVD or the USB drive in the appliance.
  4. Turn on the appliance.
  5. When prompted, press F2 to enter the setup menu.
  6. Select Boot manager and then the option for CD/DVD or the USB drive. Then press Enter.

    NOTE: On some appliance models, you can press F6 to enter the boot manager menu directly.

    The installation menu appears on the monitor.
  7. Select an installation mode, then press Enter.

    NOTE: Help text is displayed for a selected mode below the menu.

    The downloaded software is installed on the appliance. When this installation is completed, the configuration wizard appears.

You can now work with the configuration wizard to implement the initial configuration settings.

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