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Requesting version information

You can request the version of the REST interface for the Web Gateway appliance where you are currently working, as well as the version of the standard user interface.
You can request both versions at once or each version separately.

Requesting the interface versions

Request format: URL/version

To request version information, use the version parameter. When used without further specification, the response to this request is a feed with the version numbers of both interfaces in XML format.

Sample commands: curl -i -b cookies.txt .X GET "$REST/version"

 Request parameters: None

Requesting the version of a particular interface

Request formats:

To request version information for a particular interface, the interface name is added to the version parameter. The response to this request is a feed with the respective version number in XML format.

Sample commands:
curl -i -b cookies.text .X GET "$REST/version/mwg-rest"
curl -i -b cookies.text .X GET "$REST/version/mwg-ui"

 Request parameters:

Parameter Type Description
name String Name of the interface that version information is requested for
Default: None
Sample script for requesting version information

The following bash script requests version information for both the REST interface and the standard user interface of the appliance where you are currently working.

Before specifying this request, the script sets a URL variable for accessing the REST interface.

## Set URL variable for accessing REST interface
## Log on and authenticate
curl -c cookies.txt -H "Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46d2ViZ2F0ZXdheQ==" -X POST "$REST/login"
## Request version information
curl -b cookies.txt -X GET "$REST/version"
## Log off again
curl -b cookies.txt -X POST "$REST/logout"


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