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Upgrade the Software Automatically

You can upgrade Content Security Reporter to the latest version to use the latest features and enhancements. In an automatic upgrade of the Content Security Reporter software, the internal data and settings are restored automatically after the upgrade.

Before you begin

  • If the mcc_help version earlier than 2.0.4 installed on your system, uninstall the mcc_help extension before you upgrade.
  • Verify that the following services are running.
    • Content Security Reporter Server
    • Content Security Reporter Internal Database or CSRDefaultDB
  1. Download the product files.
    1. Start Trellix ePO.
    2. Go to the Downloads page.
    3. Under Download My Products, enter your grant number and click Go.
    4. Download the Trellix ePO installation executable and extension .zip files.
  2. Upgrade the Content Security Reporter server.

    NOTE: Trellix ePO can be active during this installation.

    1. Log on to the operating system as an administrator.
    2. Run the installation executable file you downloaded.
    3. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

      If you have more than 50 GB of data, use a supported external database. The amount of time it takes for the schema to update depends on the size of your database. For example, a database with 50 GB of data takes about 5 hours to update.

  3. Upgrade the extension.
    1. In Trellix ePO, select Menu > Software > Extensions.
    2. Click Install Extension.
    3. Browse to the Content Security Reporter Help .zip file, then click OK.

      A message appears with the extensions installed or upgraded as part of the Content Security Reporter extension pack.

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