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Skyhigh Security

Periodic Rule Engine Trigger

Settings for connecting to web servers, calling the rule engine, and downloading data.

Option Definition

Enable Periodic Rule Engine Trigger

When selected, connections to the web servers specified in list called URL definition list are set up in regular intervals.

The interval for each web server connection is also specified on the list.

When the interval has elapsed, the rule processing module (rule engine) on an appliance is called, a connection to the web server is set up, and data is downloaded from the web server and passed on to the rule engine for processing.

Data is only downloaded under the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Web servers that connections are set up to in this way include next-hop proxy servers and other servers used for providing particular services in the web.

URL definition list

Provides a list of web servers that a connection can be set up to.


The following table describes a list entry in the URL definition list.

Option Definition


Specifies the IP address and port number or the URL of a web server that a connection can be set up to.

Trigger interval

Specifies the interval (in seconds) that elapses before the next attempt to set up a connection to a web server.


Provides a plain-text comment on a web server connection.

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