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Activate Secure Web Gateway

To activate Secure Web Gateway, review two online documents on licensing and data usage, then import a license and click the activation button.

NOTE: You must agree to the content of the online documents if you want to activate the product.

For the licensing procedure, a file with a license key was sent to you. If you have not received it, contact Skyhigh Security support. In the meantime, you can use a temporary key.


  1. In the License section of the setup wizard, click End User License Agreement and review the agreement. If you agree to it, select the corresponding checkbox.
  2. Click Data Usage Statement and review the statement. If you agree to it, select the corresponding checkbox.
  3. Click Browse and use the file manager that opens to select the file with the license key, then click OK.
    The Activate product button becomes accessible.

NOTE: If you are using a browser without Java support for working with Secure Web Gateway, complete the import of the license key file in the additional window that is provided.

  1. Click Activate product
    Secure Web Gateway is activated and an initial download of files begins to update the information used by the anti-malware and URL filtering modules (engines). Download progress is indicated by a progress bar at the bottom and explained by a status label.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Wait until the download finishes successfully, then click Close wizard.
      This completes the setup procedure. You can now work with the user interface to perform more administration activities.
      If you want to configure settings for data collection, configure them and click Save Changes when you are done. For more information, refer to the Data Usage Statement.

      NOTE: Be sure not to click Save Changes to save any other settings before configuring data collection (if you want to do it at all), as data collection starts when this button is clicked for the first time.
    • Configure more initial settings.
      The download progress remains visible while you continue with the wizard.

If the download fails, an error message appears and the Network solutions section becomes accessible in the navigation area. This section allows you to solve problems with connecting to the download servers.

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