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Skyhigh Security

Create Action and Module Settings

You can create settings for modules and actions.

When creating these settings, you do not create them completely new, but use existing settings that you give a new name and modify as needed.

  1. Select Policy | Settings.
  2. To select the settings that serve you as the starting point for creating new settings, use one of the following two methods:
    • On the settings tree, select these settings and click Add.
      The Add Settings window opens with the parameters and values of the selected settings.
    • Click Add right away.
      The Add Settings window opens.
      Select settings from the Settings for pane of the window.
      The parameters and values of these settings appear in the window.
  3. In the Name field of the window, type a name for the new settings.
  4. [Optional] In the Comment field, type a plain-text comment on the settings.
  5. Modify the existing values of the settings as needed.
  6. [Optional] Click the Permissions tab and configure who is allowed to access the settings.
  7. Click OK.
    The window closes and the new settings appear on the settings tree.
  8. Click Save Changes.
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