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JSON data is made available in what is called objects. A JSON object is a container that includes data of the same or of different ordinary types, such as strings, numbers, and others.

The basic structure of a JSON object can be represented as follows:

object: {"key": value, "key": value, ...}

For example:

Employee: {"First name": "Joe", "Last name": "Miller", "Age": 32}

The value of a JSON element can be data of the following types: string, number, Boolean, null.

A JSON object can also include an array:

object: {"key": value, "key": value, array: [value, value, ...]}

For example:

Employee: {"First name": "Joe", "Last Name": "Miller", "Children": [Ian, Lisa]}

In original JavaScript Object Notation, only objects and arrays can occur at the top level of a hierarchical data structure. However, when it is supported on Web Gateway, a simple element can also occur in top-level position.

A JSON object can also be embedded in another JSON object.

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