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Skyhigh Security

Edit Database Maintenance Window (Database Maintenance Page)

Configure automated database maintenance jobs.

Option Definition

Delete database records

Configures the age of summary and detailed data to delete during database maintenance. By default, summary and detailed records older than 12 months are removed from the database.

NOTE: If reports are taking a long time to generate, schedule Content Security Reporter to delete database records more frequently.

Index maintenance

Configures the frequency for when the indexes are rebuilt. By default, indexes are rebuilt on the first Sunday of each month.

NOTE: Ensure that index maintenance is scheduled on the same day as database maintenance. For example, if index maintenance is scheduled for Monday, but database maintenance is scheduled for Tuesday, then index maintenance will not run.

Maintenance options

Configures the maximum number of records deleted at any one time.

Schedule database maintenance

Configures the frequency of database maintenance jobs, and the date and time for the next scheduled job.

Set Schedule

Opens a dialog box to configure the frequency and start time for scheduled database maintenance jobs.


Set Schedule Dialog
Option Definition


Configures the frequency for scheduled database maintenance jobs.

Start time

Configures the start time for scheduled database maintenance jobs.


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