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Skyhigh Security

Processing Tab (New, Edit, and Duplicate Log Source Page)

Configure how Content Security Reporter handles log file data.

Option Definition
Log records These processing options are available to configure a log source:
  • Condense log records into page views — Consolidates multiple lines of data into a single page view record in reports.

  • Store log records for detailed reports — Stores complete log records, which are used from the detailed user report and when reporting on URLs that have multiple categories for summary reports.

  • Use client host names when storing log records for unknown users — Uses client (computer) host names for unknown users.

  • Stop parsing when error line exceed — Stops parsing log files when the amount of errors surpasses the number in the exceed field.

  • Ignore log file lines that match this regular expression — Skips lines in the log file that match the contents of the regular expression field.

  • Character format — Specifies the format of characters. Choose from these character formats:

    • US-ASCII

    • ISO-8859-1

    • UTF-8

    • UTF-16

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