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Formats supported by the Composite Opener

The Composite Opener opens files that are not immediately accessible, for example, because they are compressed or nested in an archive. Files that are encrypted or corrupted are detected by the opener even if they cannot be opened.

The opener provides these functions depending on the file formats that it supports. The following lists show the formats that are supported with regard to:

  • File opening
  • Detecting file encryption

Files of the same format can be encrypted or not. If they are encrypted, they cannot be opened.

List of file formats supported for opening

  • 7 Zip
  • Adobe PDF
  • Arj
  • application/
  • application/
  • application/x-git
  • BinHex
  • Brotli encoding
  • Bzip2
  • CPIO
  • DMG
  • EML
  • Git
  • GZIP default encoding
  • HTML
  • IWork
  • ISO 9660
  • LZH
  • LZMA
  • Microsoft ActiveSync WebXML
  • Microsoft Cab, Compress, Excel, Power Point Presentation, Word
  • Microsoft Open Office XML, including docx, pptx, xlsx, and others
  • MultipartForm
  • ODF
  • OLE2
  • PlainText
  • Rar
  • RPM
  • RTF
  • Tar
  • UnixArchiv
  • URLEncodedForm
  • UUE
  • WIM
  • XML
  • XZ
  • Zip
  • Zoo

List of file formats supported for detecting encryption

  • Microsoft Word (when password-protected)
  • Microsoft Power Point Presentation (when password-protected)
  • Microsoft Excel (when password-protected)
  • Adobe PDF (when password-protected)
  • Microsoft Word (with restricted access)
  • Microsoft Power Point Presentation (with restricted access)
  • Microsoft Excel (with restricted access)
  • Adobe PDF (with restricted access)
  • Microsoft Office Open XML
  • Open Packaging Conventions containers (when password-protected)
  • Open Document Formula (when password-protected)
  • Zip archives (when password-protected)
  • 7 Zip archives (when password-protected)
  • Rar archives (when password-protected)
  • Arj files (when password-protected)
  • PGP messages
  • Open PGP
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