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Skyhigh Security

About the Hardware for Secure Web Gateway

The Secure Web Gateway appliance software can be installed on a hardware platform to run Secure Web Gateway as a physical appliance. You can purchase the appliance software from Skyhigh Security together with the hardware, where it is preinstalled.

Skyhigh Security obtains this hardware from vendors. General information about it can be found in the vendor documentation. Hardware information that is specific to running Secure Web Gateway is provided in Skyhigh Security's documentation.

This includes information about:

  • Port assignments

  • Network interface and hardware security module cards

  • Software updates

  • Disk replacement

  • Hardware administration tools

Refer to the relevant sections of this documentation to review this information.

Do not alter the BIOS settings that the appliance hardware is shipped with. This is not supported and can impact the usability of the appliance.

For information about the different hardware models that are available for running the Secure Web Gateway appliance software, see About the Secure Web Gateway Appliance Hardware Models.

More information about how to work with the hardware for Secure Web Gateway is also provided in documentation written by Skyhigh Security support, see Appliance Hardware.


The appliance hardware serves as the platform where the appliance software is installed to run Secure Web Gateway as a physical appliance.

For information about how to complete this installation, see the Secure Web Gateway Installation main section of this documentation.

Hardware Security Module 

You can run a Hardware Security Module (HSM) together with Secure Web Gateway to store private keys for certificates used in communication on secure connections under HTTPS. For more information, see About the Hardware Security Module.

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