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System Backup

When a backup configuration file is created, Content Security Reporter automatically saves the report server settings, which can be used to restore CSR to an earlier configuration.

NOTE: The backup configuration file does not create a backup of any reports, queries, or Trellix ePO settings.

The saved configuration settings include:

Settings Description

Database connection settings

Saves the configuration settings that allow Content Security Reporter to communicate with the database.

Database maintenance settings

Saves scheduled database maintenance job settings and status messages.

General settings

Saves log source configuration and browse time settings.

Performance settings

Saves database and system performance settings.

System status message

Saves log parsing job history and database maintenance settings.


Back up configuration settings

Create a backup file to restore configuration settings after upgrading the Content Security Reporter software, recover from a system failure, or move settings from one installation to another.

CAUTION: If you plan to use a backup file after uninstalling and re-installing CSR, save the backup file to a location other than the Content Security Reporter installation directory.

  1. Select Menu > Configuration > Report Server Settings.
  2. From the Setting Categories menu, select System Backup.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Backup Now.
  4. When the System Backup message appears, click OK.

The backup process can take several minutes. A backup123456789 folder is created where 123456789 is the time stamp. By default, the folder is created in C:\Program Files\...Content Security Reporter\reporter\conf\. A backup.xml file is saved in the backup folder. To simply create a backup file, you can wait until the file is created, then continue working without restoring it.

Restore configuration settings

Restore the configuration settings to return to a previous state, or after the software is re-installed.

NOTE: The backup folder and backup file must have read and write permissions for the same account running CSR.

  1. Close Trellix ePO.

NOTE: If you need to re-install the previous version of CSR that you were running, use the Microsoft Windows Programs and Features to remove CSR, and then re-install the previous version.

  1. Stop CSR services.
  2. Go to your backup folder (by default, C:\Program Files\...\Content Security Reporter\reporter\conf\) to locate the backup file that was created.

NOTE: If a backup folder already exists, do not create a new one.

4. Copy the backup file from the backup123456789 folder to the backup folder in the conf directory.

NOTE: If you re-installed CSR, copy these files and directories you backed up to the corresponding locations in the C:\Program Files\...\Content Security Reporter\reporter\ directory:

  •  .../conf/
  •  .../mysql/var/reporting/
  •  .../docs/
  1. Restart CSR.
  2. Log on to Trellix ePO.
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