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SSO Connector Lists

To add a cloud connector and manage cloud access through SSO Connector lists, perform the following activities:

Managing cloud access through SSO Connector lists

Access to cloud services and applications is managed through lists of cloud connectors, each connector corresponding to a supported service in the SSO Catalog.

Some SSO Connector lists enable access. Other lists might require OTP authentication before access is permitted. Users are associated with lists through Web Gateway policies.

Managing access to cloud services through SSO Connector lists involves these high-level steps:

  1. (Custom connectors) Configure cloud connectors to the cloud services you want users to access and add them to the SSO Catalog.
  2. From the SSO Connector list that you are configuring, select the predefined and custom cloud connectors you want added to the list.

Add a cloud connector to an SSO Connector list

To control access to a cloud service, locate the corresponding cloud connector in the SSO Catalog and add it to an SSO Connector list.


  1. Select Policy | Lists.
  2. In the Lists tree, expand Custom Lists | SSO Connector, then click the list you want to modify.
  3. Click the Edit symbol.
    A dialog box opens showing folders, each folder holding connectors in the specified category.
    Example: Travel & Transportation
  4. To add connectors to the list, select them individually or by category, then click OK.

NOTE: If the connector you want does not exist, you can create it by clicking Create new.

  1. Click Save Changes.


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