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Extending the Anti-malware Filtering Process

You can extend the default process for anti-malware filtering in several ways.

To include more data in the process, which improves the accuracy of its results, the following can be done.

Other measures for extending the process can be taken to ensure a smooth workflow.

  • Using the anti-malware queue — To avoid overloading of the anti-malware filtering process, user requests for access to web objects can be moved to a queue before being processed, see Anti-malware Queue.

  • Scanning media streams chunk-by-chunk — The scanning of media streams, which is done for anti-malware filtering purposes, can be performed chunk-by-chunk instead of in a single long-lasting process. This improves user experience by reducing waiting time. For more information, see Media Stream Scanning.

Extending the process can also be a means to prevent potential issues.

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