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Assign a Node to Network Groups

You can assign a node in a cluster to one or more network groups by entering the group name or names into a list.

  1. On the user interface of an appliance, select Configuration > Appliances.

  2. On the appliances tree, select the appliance you want to assign as a node to one or more network groups and click Central Management.

  3. To assign the node to a network group other than the default group for all nodes, click the Add icon on the toolbar of the Group network inline list.

    The default group is provided to give you the option of not using different network groups, but having only one network group for all nodes.

    If you want to have more than one network group, you should delete the group for all nodes or rename it.

    The Add String window opens.

  4. Configure a new network group.

    1. In the Name field, type a name for the network group.

    2. In the Comment field, you can enter a plain-text comment on the network group.

    3. Click OK.

      The window closes and the new network group appears in the Group network inline list.

      The node is now a member of this network group.

      You can also add multiple network groups at once by clicking the Add multiple icon and working with the Add Strings window that opens. In the window, you can enter multiple group names, using a new line for each of them.

      The window also provides also options for adding the same comment to all groups or add different comments to individual groups.

  5. To include another node in the same network group or groups, select this node on the appliances tree, click Central Management again, and enter the same group name or names in the Group network inline list.

    Repeat this procedure for every node you want to include in the same network group or groups.

  6. Click Save Changes.

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