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Skyhigh Security

New, Edit, or Duplicate Rule Set Page (Custom Columns Page or Custom Rule Sets Page)

Create a new rule set or change the rules used in a selected rule set.

Option Definition
Actions Actions to perform from this page include:
  • Add Above / Add Below — Opens the New Rule dialog box and places a new rule above or below the selected rule.

  • Decrease Priority — Moves the selected rule down the rule list.

  • Export Rule Set — Saves the selected rule to a file in the default or user-selected location.

  • Import Rule Set — Copies an exported rule into the current rule set.
  • Increase Priority — Moves the selected rule up the rule list.

  • New — Adds a new rule to the Rules field.

If an individual rule is selected in the rule set, and depending on the rule's location in the Rules table, these options become available from the Actions list:

  • Delete — Removes the selected rule.

Note: You cannot remove the default rule.

  • Edit — Makes the rule fields editable for the selected rule.
General The name of the rule and an optional description..
Rules List of rules in the rule set, the priority of the rule, and the replacement text that appears in the query or report.
Test Replacement text that appears in the query or report.
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