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Finding Documentation for Working with Secure Web Gateway

Documentation for working with Secure Web Gateway is provided on this portal in sections that cover different fields of subject matter. Use the navigation panel on the left side of the user interface to find them.

The beginning of the navigation panel looks like this:


Documentation Overview

The following table provides an overview of the sections with documentation on this portal and explains where to find what.

Section Provides information about ...
Secure Web Gateway Overview Purpose and main features of the product
Start Here with Secure Web Gateway Basics you need to know when working with the product:
  • About Working with Secure Web Gateway

  • Finding Documentation for Working with Secure Web Gateway (this subsection)

  • Workflow for Configuring Secure Web Gateway — Overview

Secure Web Gateway Hardware

Secure Web Gateway Installation

Secure Web Gateway Appliance System

Secure Web Gateway Proxy Configuration

Secure Web Gateway Cluster Configuration

Secure Web Policy Configuration


Anti-malware Filtering

URL Filtering

Media Type Filtering




Administrator Accounts


How to complete individual tasks when working with the product, for example:
  • Set up the appliance hardware

  • Install the appliance software

  • Configure the appliance system

    The following important parts of the appliance system are covered in main sections of their own:
    • Proxy functions
    • Cluster functions​​​
  • Configure a web policy

    Important parts of web policy configuration are covered in main sections of their own, including:
    • Anti-malware filtering
    • URL filtering
    • Media type filtering
  • Complete other tasks, for example:
    • Monitor the product
    • Troubleshoot issues with the product
    • Configure administrator accounts
Secure Web Gateway Reference Items for configuring a web policy

This information is provided in tables with lists for different types of items:
  • Block reason IDs

  • Events

  • Module settings

  • Properties
Information about Secure Web Gateway Provided by Support How to work with the product using information provided by Skyhigh Security Support

Currently, this main section deals with hardware matter only.
Best Practices How to use best practices when working with the product

This documentation was written by authors from support and other groups. It used to be provided on a community portal.

It is not updated anymore, but provided here, as it is.


How the documentation for Secure Web Gateway Used To Be Provided

The sections on this portal take the place of guides in PDF format that were offered to document Web Gateway (McAfee Web Gateway, MWG), which is the product Secure Web Gateway is based on.

For example, the documentation in the Secure Web Gateway Hardware main section of this portal includes what could be found in the McAfee Web Gateway Hardware Guide.

The table below shows where documentation about particular subject matter can be found now and where it was formerly documented.

Subject matter Documented on this portal in section ... Was formerly documented in ...
Hardware Secure Web Gateway Hardware McAfee Web Gateway Hardware Guide
Installation Secure Web Gateway Installation McAfee Web Gateway Installation Guide
Other subject matter, for example, appliance system, anti-malware filtering, or monitoring Secure Web Gateway Appliance System


Anti-malware Filtering



McAfee Web Gateway Product Guide, System configuration, Anti-malware filtering, Monitoring, and other chapters



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